Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tutorial Six -The Internet and Online Communities

This Tutorial i must choose a topic of interest from my field work experiences and provide resources from the on line communites that link with this topic.

Topic of interest: Children with Autism
Online Communites:

The purpose of this on line community is helping the families of the children with disabilities and help their future. their goal is for the children to live a meanignful life within their family. The Childrens Autism Foundation offors services around personal advice, training, support groups, parenting workshops and much more.


The Otago Childrens Autism Support group is a charitable trust that relys on grants, donations and fundraising for their therapists, teachers and education for parents. they have news, events that they post on their home page and whats going on in their community. People can contribut to this charity by donations etc.


This is just a website that is about sensory activities fir children with autism. it has how ti implement these aqt home a stratagies of how to calm and relax your child with sensory activities. You can join this group and become part of it. This website has a few interactive features that you can play.

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  1. Hi Jess, You are keeping up well with the blog entries with some nice content and examples. Check spelling as there are some errors. Hilary:)