Monday, 14 March 2011

Post Two- Digital Imaging

My familiarity with hardware and software starts from when i was 15. I got a cellphone for my birthday. this cellphone could not do very much compared tot he ones that are in todays technology world, it could not take photos nor could it email. but today i have a nice phone that can do all of the above, i use this for a camera and upload photos from my cellphone onto my computer.
I have used numerous digital cameras, ranging from extreme photography cameras to cheap $100 cameras, all doing the similar tasks of taking photos and being able to transfer these on to a pen drive, p.c, or other devices.

Information can be recorded and displayed and manipulated by numerous sources, some of these include:
 -You Tube -This is a video sharing website where users can upload share and view videos for free. They can make accounts and use them to show videos they made, lectures, amateur clips and any material they wish. content that has offensive language is registered for over 18 year olds.

-Pod Casts -A pod cast is a series of digital media that is not streamed, these can be either audio or video. these are released episodically and often through the web syndication.

-Fashion Websites i.e Trade Me (This is a website where people can upload photos of things that they want to sell the process includes, including photos of what your selling and a profile about you. There are also rating on how well you communicated with the buyers and sellers so other people can assess wether you are a reliable source to purchase off )

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