Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tutorial seven -linking blogs to sights of interest and exchanging

This week was around linking our blogs to websites that we found interesting and relate it to OT practice.
I chose:
Google, as one of mine as this is a useful tool to find out information about anything you like and it has been one of my main sources of enquiring into things.
Course Blog, my course blog that we are following is a useful tool to communicate with our tutors and peers, it has information that we can use on and for our own blog and entails a lot of detail into our material. it is also interesting to view another range of how a blog can be displayed, in relation to OT this is an insight into how people or other OT's can use information to relay back to clients or use as a therapy tool eg, client could use as a diary type thing to keep a record of things and activities that they encounter.
Second Life, this is a cool web-sight shown by our tutors, it gives you insight into what is like for clients who have disorders such as schizophrenia, Bi Polar. it takes you on a journey into a 3d world and you can do all sorts within this world like buying a house, shopping etc. great for the OT to gain an experience for what their clients may be experiencing themselves.
Mobility and Disability Centre, this is the web-sight for assistive devices as discussed in tutorial 8. It is a very valuable resource if you are working in an area that the clients would benefit from assistive devices, and for the OT this is an excellent web-sight to get tools from to help in therapy.

We also were to post a comment on our peers blogs to relate to a point of interest we had.. i have completed this on one of my peers blogs.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tutorial Six -The Internet and Online Communities

This Tutorial i must choose a topic of interest from my field work experiences and provide resources from the on line communites that link with this topic.

Topic of interest: Children with Autism
Online Communites:

The purpose of this on line community is helping the families of the children with disabilities and help their future. their goal is for the children to live a meanignful life within their family. The Childrens Autism Foundation offors services around personal advice, training, support groups, parenting workshops and much more.


The Otago Childrens Autism Support group is a charitable trust that relys on grants, donations and fundraising for their therapists, teachers and education for parents. they have news, events that they post on their home page and whats going on in their community. People can contribut to this charity by donations etc.


This is just a website that is about sensory activities fir children with autism. it has how ti implement these aqt home a stratagies of how to calm and relax your child with sensory activities. You can join this group and become part of it. This website has a few interactive features that you can play.

Tutorial Five -Video Production

You Tube

For this tutorial we are asked to explore You Tube: This is a website where users can make and create an account. this can also work for people who just like to admire what You Tube has to offor. You Tube is a website that allows its usetrs to upload, share and view videos. These videos can be short amature films to short clips and lectures that are on line.

We created a movie in tutorial four and could up load this to You Tube if we liked.

Anything you want to find on You Tube you could proberly find in any shape or form. From a 3d tour of the human body to a catoon or t.v show you missed. 

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

On my field work i came across children with Autistic dendencies this was very interesting and ill show you a short clip about what is involved with children with autism in this short You Tube clip below:

Other clips posted are more about autism and the different types and what/how you can manage children with autism.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=533EF9hEvD8 :sensory seeking behaviour.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Movie 15 March, Murder Movie

This was our forth tutorial task. A 30 second film was to be comprised. We did this in small groups. we had to cut bits out to make out 3 minute movie into 30 seconds.
It was lots of fun.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Post Two- Digital Imaging

My familiarity with hardware and software starts from when i was 15. I got a cellphone for my birthday. this cellphone could not do very much compared tot he ones that are in todays technology world, it could not take photos nor could it email. but today i have a nice phone that can do all of the above, i use this for a camera and upload photos from my cellphone onto my computer.
I have used numerous digital cameras, ranging from extreme photography cameras to cheap $100 cameras, all doing the similar tasks of taking photos and being able to transfer these on to a pen drive, p.c, or other devices.

Information can be recorded and displayed and manipulated by numerous sources, some of these include:
 -You Tube -This is a video sharing website where users can upload share and view videos for free. They can make accounts and use them to show videos they made, lectures, amateur clips and any material they wish. content that has offensive language is registered for over 18 year olds.

-Pod Casts -A pod cast is a series of digital media that is not streamed, these can be either audio or video. these are released episodically and often through the web syndication.

-Fashion Websites i.e Trade Me (This is a website where people can upload photos of things that they want to sell the process includes, including photos of what your selling and a profile about you. There are also rating on how well you communicated with the buyers and sellers so other people can assess wether you are a reliable source to purchase off )

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


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photo 1

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These photos are experimenting with a digital camera. Our class went out to play around with the different settings and try out angles and capture photos to then up load on to our blogs.

Information Technology and Ethical Issues

Information Technology is  is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics based combination of computing and telecommunications. My experience of using digital technology is very minimal i use the family digital camera and friends, taking photos is not a passion of mine and i leave it up to the others who enjoy capturing the moments of fun, pleasure and excitement. i would like to own a camera, i would if i had enough drive to take photos often. Ethical issues surrounding technology are the persons rights to have their photo published, edited, viewed by the public and sent to other people who then pass these on as well. Consent for these photos is one of the ways a person can get around the issues. In Occupational Therapy ethical issues are a major factor for the clients and therapists, the use of camera may be used in the intervention of a client- assessment wise, and these raise issues about client consent to these photos being published, and then there is storage of the photos, especially in the environment where other clients are wondering around and using the cameras as well. We as Occupational Therapists are responsible for the client.

Intellectual property and the implications of this amongst individuals and the public.
Intellectual property is ones mean to a idea or property to something, they have owning rights to this idea and or product of this idea. Also their right to regulate the use of this idea or product (Boldrin.M & Levine.D). In O.T practice this shown over a range of photos, craft ideas for group work, the modification of homes- how and where you got your ideas from. O.T has many of assessments that are thought out by professionals and agencies to make them standardized, so understanding that in O.T keeping to the guide lines is one way to keep yourself free of intellectual property fraud.

Technology in society: Society today largely requires the use of technological items such as: Book reader, Bus cards, 3D Television, I phones 1,2,3 and 4, Digital Cameras, Play Stations, X-box and computers that never cease to up grade their memory and capabilities. the young and the old are now venturing into new technology that will one day take over the world. I remember when i was 12 my friend asked her mother if they could get a household dvd player and her mums response was that "they can get one when they invent a DVD recorder" and now i think she has got her wish as DVD recorders have now changed into MY Sky and recorders in our t.vs. 

I.T is valuable, it is necessary for most of the everyday activities people encounter at work or at home. Wether this be a movie producer whom needs the best technology out there to make 3D film or the women whom needs a GPS to navigate around an unknown city. We need technology as apart of our daily life now. but on the other hand people have done without for such a long time...Do we really need technology? Can't we just use therapeutic use of art, exercise, craft, cards, board games and social interaction to keep us entertained? 

Bolderine.M &Levine.D.,(2001). The case against intellectual property. (pp, 42). The economist.