Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tutorial Five -Video Production

You Tube

For this tutorial we are asked to explore You Tube: This is a website where users can make and create an account. this can also work for people who just like to admire what You Tube has to offor. You Tube is a website that allows its usetrs to upload, share and view videos. These videos can be short amature films to short clips and lectures that are on line.

We created a movie in tutorial four and could up load this to You Tube if we liked.

Anything you want to find on You Tube you could proberly find in any shape or form. From a 3d tour of the human body to a catoon or t.v show you missed. 

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

On my field work i came across children with Autistic dendencies this was very interesting and ill show you a short clip about what is involved with children with autism in this short You Tube clip below:

Other clips posted are more about autism and the different types and what/how you can manage children with autism.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=533EF9hEvD8 :sensory seeking behaviour.

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