Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tutorial 8 -Assistive devices

This Tutorial is our last one and the focus was on assistive devices for clients whom need assistance to carryout occupations and activities throughout their day. These needs can range from clients not having the arm strength to reach out and touch a switch to clients that have no movement what so ever in there arm or finger and they all need assistive devices like bigger and more specific switches that command and plug into anything so they can access a t.v or p.c or even their own wheel chair.
These devices enable clients to reach a potential that they would have not been able to otherwise, they are very important to someone who has not being able to perform tasks that we take for granted.

I found a device called the:
Go Talk 20+
This is a recording device that a client may use to record commands, messages, sequences conversation or anything that may assist them in daily activities eg, therapist may record sentences that can make conversation with someone. this can be used for a client that verbally cannot speak to tell people what they need or want, this can be used if client is to catch a taxi or a bus. They can then push the recorded message so the driver of the taxi can hear the recorded messege and now client can communicate with them. This is not only what they can be used for.. eg, sequencing of a recipe, a client who has trouble remembering things, can follow a recipe by pushing each button along the lines that are recorded so that the recipe is sequenced and tells client what comes next in recipe and what the next thing they need to do is.

The costing for this device are $420.00 this is well priced for the amount of useful assistance it can give a client and nothing has a price for the freedom and acceptance the client will gain from this device.