Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Information Technology and Ethical Issues

Information Technology is  is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics based combination of computing and telecommunications. My experience of using digital technology is very minimal i use the family digital camera and friends, taking photos is not a passion of mine and i leave it up to the others who enjoy capturing the moments of fun, pleasure and excitement. i would like to own a camera, i would if i had enough drive to take photos often. Ethical issues surrounding technology are the persons rights to have their photo published, edited, viewed by the public and sent to other people who then pass these on as well. Consent for these photos is one of the ways a person can get around the issues. In Occupational Therapy ethical issues are a major factor for the clients and therapists, the use of camera may be used in the intervention of a client- assessment wise, and these raise issues about client consent to these photos being published, and then there is storage of the photos, especially in the environment where other clients are wondering around and using the cameras as well. We as Occupational Therapists are responsible for the client.

Intellectual property and the implications of this amongst individuals and the public.
Intellectual property is ones mean to a idea or property to something, they have owning rights to this idea and or product of this idea. Also their right to regulate the use of this idea or product (Boldrin.M & Levine.D). In O.T practice this shown over a range of photos, craft ideas for group work, the modification of homes- how and where you got your ideas from. O.T has many of assessments that are thought out by professionals and agencies to make them standardized, so understanding that in O.T keeping to the guide lines is one way to keep yourself free of intellectual property fraud.

Technology in society: Society today largely requires the use of technological items such as: Book reader, Bus cards, 3D Television, I phones 1,2,3 and 4, Digital Cameras, Play Stations, X-box and computers that never cease to up grade their memory and capabilities. the young and the old are now venturing into new technology that will one day take over the world. I remember when i was 12 my friend asked her mother if they could get a household dvd player and her mums response was that "they can get one when they invent a DVD recorder" and now i think she has got her wish as DVD recorders have now changed into MY Sky and recorders in our t.vs. 

I.T is valuable, it is necessary for most of the everyday activities people encounter at work or at home. Wether this be a movie producer whom needs the best technology out there to make 3D film or the women whom needs a GPS to navigate around an unknown city. We need technology as apart of our daily life now. but on the other hand people have done without for such a long time...Do we really need technology? Can't we just use therapeutic use of art, exercise, craft, cards, board games and social interaction to keep us entertained? 

Bolderine.M &Levine.D.,(2001). The case against intellectual property. (pp, 42). The economist.

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