Sunday, 2 October 2011

BLOG 3. Week 37 Ergonomics


Exercise has a vast number of ergonomic factors, these making up a large portion of how I do exercise, the adjustments I make within it and how I adapt myself and the equipment to match the environment so that everything interrelates in close, safe proximity with the person (me), the activity and the environment.
M. Butler (personal communication, October 2011) refers to fitting the person with the activity to identify the person’s inspirations and motivations. When exercising I choose specific classes to go to as I am fitting myself to the activity and choosing the classes that best motivate me to engage. To get a good outcome from my fitness class I go at the appropriate skill level, when using weights in my classes, I choose the correct ones for where my fitness level is at today. The environment in which I perform my fitness of strength, endurance and flexibility is the gym/group classes as this offers the most degree of stimulation and appropriateness for my activity. Accessing the person/activity and environment in the best way possible is facilitated by me engaging in the exercise activity willingly due to the environment allowing an accessible and welcoming warmth for my exercise that day.

The reference of M. Butler (personal communication, October 2011) Fitting the person with the activity, making opportunities for this activity and this person in this particular environment has helped me to gain a wide understanding of why I do exercise the way I do it, where I do it and what motivates me, inspires me and allows for me to realise my skill levels and adapt these to fit with everything else that I need to think about when I exercise.

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