Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BLOG 2. Ambiance and Practical Considerations

As  Stephens, S (2010) describes ambiance in their fitness building as the clear organization of the building having the heavy duty grunty work out area on the lower two levels and the lower intensity, yoga activities in their own space on the top floor, this enhances the functions of the building, the hallways of ivy surfaces reflect the leafy traditional environs memorably, this is similar to how I view my exercise place. The gym has a special feel about it; the intense group workout sessions are to one side of the building and are on the very top floor. The light shines in giving it a warm vibe, with the windows open and the people spread out, it has such a comfortable, fitness feel about it. Looking out the windows you see building tops. The loud music aids that feeling of freedom. As I walk in to the gym from outside I can hear the yelling and puffing from the fitness class before me and it gets me excited, this really is the essence to exercise, i love the feeling of harmony within myself that it brings.
This quote has helped me to understand that ambience is the essence of the activity, whether for exercise this is the gym that it is performed in or the way it makes me feel, i understand that exercise has many different components in the way it can make a person feel.

The practical considerations are those things that I need to aid my time while exercising, these being equipment of large weights, resistance bands, fitness gear that need to pack before I go, and never forget my drink bottle that is properly the most important item, giving me re-hydration. I will need my gym key and towel to catch the sweat dripping from my brow. Among the practical considerations lies the car to get there, making the time for exercise and most of all what class i will attend. These things are the practical items or thing/s I will need to do my activity, without these exercise is just not enjoyable.

Stephens, S. (2010). Peter buck center for health and fitness. Architectural Record, 198(11), 120-123. Retrieved October 19, 2011, from EBSCO HOST database.

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