Sunday, 2 October 2011

BLOG 5. Pulling out Affordances/Spirituality/Ergonomics/Communication

I decided to do two 1hour classes this day, as this time my day allowed for this extra time as I didn’t have a lot of study to do, this is an affordance for me. The first class was Body vive which involves strength and endurance of all your muscles. I started out running late to the class, so i joined in and as i felt my body starting to warm up and my muscles start to engage and physically and mentally i started to feel more a part of the group. Hixon.,S (2011) describes a part of spirituality for them as asking themselves what is more important, the taking of the photo or the finished product where people can gaze an enjoy it vicariously, which brings joy to the viewer and the taker. This was somewhat similar to how I feel as I become more a part of the group. For myself to be able to enjoy the class I need to feel one with them and enjoy the moment and people.

This reference from Hixon., S (2011), helped me to understand that different elements of an activity can activate spirituality, whether this be seeing others happy because of what I have accomplished or that I can use others around me to help me feel a part of the fitness class and this gives me belonging.

By the end of the first session i was pretty drained, but i had made an agreement with my flatmate that she would pick me up at 6 o'clock which was another hour, so i started my second class, this communication with my flatmate is essential to our expectations of each other and the harmony between us, after the session i felt amazing, lean, fitter and healthier, this all aids in the essence of my personal spirituality and happiness.

Hixon., S. (2011). Photography and spirituality: The inner world of the borderline photographic personality.

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  1. Hi Jess,

    I completely agree with you about exercise being work. It really does bring joy!

    Have a look at your spelling.. you have used 'u' instead of 'you' and think about changing your little i's to capitals. :) Is there a reference for your discussion around work/labour?