Tuesday, 6 September 2011

BLOG 1. Semester 2 Participation in occupation 2

This semester is all about an activity or task that we will do as students for the next few weeks. We will draw from 6 blog entries that will portray ergonomics, ambience, affordances and practical considerations of our activity and show how these have helped us gain a better understanding of our chosen activity in relation to us as students, to be Occupational Therapists, our future clients and environment.

My chosen activity is Exercise:
Exercise is involving the body in movement; this can be slow walking, jogging, running, strength and resistance training, endurance training, weight loss and fitness training and more. Exercise is something that has a love hate relationship with people, for some they can’t go a few days without exercising and for others they may not have exercised a day in their life.
I exercise at the gym at least 4 times per week. I attend group classes of about 10 to 100 people and the classes range from weight training to aerobics fitness. I enjoy exercise; it keeps me feeling good and helps to keep my head clear. It is a relaxation tool that I wouldn’t go without. The studied system of exercise contributed mostly to the improvement of general well-being and relaxation skills” (Medycyna. & Sportowa. 2011). Exercise improves my well-being and helps me to relax after a strenuous day, i see exercise as one of the most influential means of health to my body.

This quote has helped me to understand that its written in the studies and litrature that exercise really is such a healthy tool to use in everyday activities and can be used not only for increasing fitness or strength but for relaxation tools and improving well-being. With this comes many more possiblities for raising a persons enthusiasm for the activity.

In practice context I would exercise not only for fitness and strength, but for stress, relaxation, weight loss, a therapy tool, a motivator, a routine and a socialisation activity/tool used in peers or groups.
Working in a team as an O.T it is vital to stay on top of yourself mentally and physically.
Using exercise myself I will be able to pass my own experiences on to my clients in the hope that together we may explore different avenues more suited to their wants and needs.

Medycyna. & Sportowa. (2011). Health benefits of doing physical exercises yoga reported by the students of the academy of physical education in Katowice. 2(4). 123-131. Retrieved from EBSCO HOST database.

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